Item #8: Data Analysis Paragraph

Dustin Lantz

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Data Analysis

In addition to the usual categories, I also need to explain that while I possess no artifact that adequately demonstrates my mastery of data analysis, it is a skill that is integral to my major and my academics in general. Though we do not often create graphs for our projects, computer science projects involve iterative development that entails code writing, result analysis, and problem solving. Everytime a program advances, it is necessary to gather data about the results and determine if the results belie issues within the programming. If they do, the data must be analyzed and disseminated to determine the particular part of the whole program that is creating the anomalous data. Four years of programming have given me the experience needed to master analyzing a set of data, determining the meaning and outliers within the set, and tracking down the reasons for those meanings and outliers. Within other fields this takes a slightly different form, but the experiences are transferable. The end result is being able to synthesize results from raw data, and learn from that synthesis. Patterns, outliers, means, and trends are all things that have meaning when looking at data.